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Immigration Updates – 2013

30 Jan

Date   News Stories

12/13/2013   EB-3 Visa Availability Advances 6 Months for Most Countries
11/26/2013   Lessons Learned from Infosys Settlement: How to Avoid Allegations of Visa Fraud and Unauthorized Employment of Foreign Nationals
11/19/2013   H-1B Program Study: Participants Needed
11/13/2013   EB-2 India Visa Availability Retrogresses Another Four Years; EB-3 Advances for China, Mexico, and World
10/23/2013   DOL Filing Websites Experience Glitches Due to High Volume
10/22/2013   Singapore: New Employment Pass Requirements for 2014
10/18/2013   DOL Websites “Reopen” for Filing LCAs, Perms, and Applications for Prevailing Wage Determinations
10/17/2013   U.S. Government Shutdown Ends
10/17/2013   E-Verify Access Resumes After U.S. Government Shutdown Ends
10/16/2013   U.S. Government Shutdown Will Likely End Soon
10/11/2013   Homeland Security Shifts Stance on Pre-Population of Form I-9
10/10/2013   Foster Fall 2013 Immigration Update Seminar
10/9/2013   U.S. Government Shutdown Delays H-1B & E-3 Filings
10/3/2013   L-1 Visa Applications Under Scrutiny at U.S. Consulates in India
10/1/2013   Update on Government Shutdown
9/30/2013   United Kingdom: New Immigration Rules Take Effect October 1st
9/30/2013   Potential U.S. Government Shutdown and Its Impact on Immigration Services
9/19/2013   Houston Passport Agency Temporarily Closed to Public
9/12/2013   OSC Advises on Form I-9 Completion and Document Review
9/11/2013   Mexico Reduces Delays in Immigration Process by Several Weeks
9/10/2013   Corporate Compliance Seminar 2013
9/5/2013   EB-2 India Visa Availability Advances
8/23/2013   China: New Immigration Regulations and Visa Categories Taking Effect September 1st
8/22/2013   Canada: Changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program
8/5/2013   Same-Sex Marriages Recognized by U.S. Immigration and Consular Posts
8/2/2013   Temporary Closure of Certain U.S. Embassies and Consulates Abroad
7/15/2013   Update on Immigrant Visa Availability: F-2A Current and EB-2 India Advancement
7/12/2013   USCIS Announces Revisions to Form I-129S (Blanket L Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker)
7/12/2013   New DOL Registry Allows Public Access to LCA and PERM Certifications
7/2/2013   E-Verify Update: Email Communications and Employer Obligations
6/28/2013   Supreme Court Overturns DOMA: How the Decision Will Affect Immigration Benefits to Same-Sex Couples
6/28/2013   Senate Passes Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill
6/13/2013   Tips for International Travel and the Form I-9
5/24/2013   Brazil Announces Changes to Work Visa Applications
5/3/2013   New Form I-9 Required May 7, 2013
4/30/2013   Canada Suspends Accelerated Program for Temporary Work Authorization
4/26/2013   Streamlined Brazilian Short-Term Work Visa Process to Take Effect May 8
4/23/2013   Foster Spring 2013 Immigration Update Seminars
4/17/2013   Senate Introduces Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill
4/11/2013   Brazilian Short-Term Work Visas to Be Streamlined
4/9/2013   FY-2014 H-1B Lottery Applied to 124,000 Petitions
4/5/2013   Fiscal Year 2014 H-1B Cap Reached
3/27/2013   CBP Publishes Interim Final Rule for Automated, “Paperless” Form I-94 Cards
3/22/2013   CBP Announces Move to Automated Form I-94 Cards
3/21/2013   Australia to Implement New Business Visitor Visa Program Affecting Short Term Assignments
3/18/2013   CIS Announces Suspension of H-1B Premium Processing in Anticipation of Early Lottery
3/15/2013   Time is of the Essence for Cap-Subject H-1B Petitions
3/8/2013   New Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form Required Beginning May 7, 2013
3/5/2013   Charles Foster Honored with the 2013 Leon Jaworski Award
3/4/2013   Sequestration and Its Impact on Visa Services
2/21/2013   Update on Cap-Subject H-1B Petitions
2/7/2013   Update on Comprehensive Immigration Reform
2/4/2013   Proposed Changes to Form I-129s Blanket L Petition
1/25/2013   Foster Spring 2013 Immigration Update Seminars Coming Soon
1/22/2013   U.S. Embassy in Mexico Expands Business Facilitation Program – Easing Business Visa Application Process for Qualified Companies
1/16/2013   EB-3 Immigrant Visa Availability Advances Modestly in February; EB-2 Availability Advances for China
1/15/2013   New Online Visa Status Check Service
1/14/2013   U.S. Visa Receipts in China Will Expire March 14, 2013
1/11/2013   H-1B Filing Season Approaches – USCIS To Accept New H-1B Petitions On April 1, 2013
1/9/2013   New Visa Application Procedures in the United Arab Emirates
1/8/2013   Foster, LLP Announces Four New Partners