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by Pete Williams Since the Obama administration began its controversial push to deport Central American immigrants who arrive here illegally, the number trying to enter the US has sharply declined, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Thursday. “I know this has made a lot of people I respect very unhappy,” […]

By David Nakamura The Obama White House is working frantically to quell the political outrage among immigration rights advocates and Latino leaders who say they feel betrayed by a recent series of deportation raids launched by the administration, mostly against women and children from Central America. While the raids continue […]

By Pamela Constable ATLANTA — It is quiet now, a little too quiet, along the suburban avenues lined with Salvadoran pupusa shops and Guatemalan bakeries. The stores are emptier than usual, and some of the waitresses and clerks are not showing up at work. Everyone seems to know about last […]