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Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers tricked several people in Atlanta into opening their doors so they could enter without a search warrant and detain people slated for deportation in a series of controversial raids earlier this month, immigrants and lawyers told The Huffington Post. The Southern Poverty Law Center is […]

DILLEY, Tex. — When mothers and children streamed across the Texas border in 2014, the Obama administration devised a strategy to manage the influx, putting them in detention centers to convince others that illegal crossers would be caught and sent back. But that strategy is now under intense legal and […]

Four families picked up in New Year’s weekend immigration arrests and who were being readied for removal from the country now have their deportations on temporary hold. George Tzamaras, a spokesman for American Immigration Lawyers Association, said Wednesday the families’ attorneys put forward a defense that the immigrants had not […]

It was early Saturday morning when federal agents knocked on Rene Morales’ door. He didn’t open it. Instead, he hid with his sister, her three children and two other friends inside a bedroom, ignoring the banging until the agents left about an hour later. By midmorning, Morales said, the agents […]